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Frequently Asked Questions

What are special fx filters?

Special Fx filters are designed to alter the appearance of images/videos. They have the ability to change colors, create dramatic flares, & refract lighting.

What type of filters do you sell?

  • Kaleidoscope Filters
  • Starlight Filters
  • Confetti Filters
  • Split Diopter Filters 

How do I choose the right filter?

Choosing the right filter has to do with creative goals each photographer & videographer have in mind. Our product descriptions/examples should help determine which product is right for you. If you have any questions regarding which filter to choose please reach out via Support@mysticfxfilters.com

Are the filters compatible with my camera/lens?

All of our filters are manufactured & sold as 77mm. AFter extensive research our team noticed that the 77mm size will fit the majority of cameras/lenses while utilizing our Step-up/down rings. 

How do I attach the filter?

To attach your filter either screw the filter directly onto your lens(depending on size of lens). If your lens is to big/small utilize our Step-up/down adapter rings which attach directly to your lenses & our filters. 

Can I return or refund my filter?

For returns/refunds please refer to our return/refund policy

Do you ship internationally?

Yes our company ships internationally. Although for international purchases their will be an additional shipping fee.

How can I contact your customer service?

For all customer service inquiries please email Support@mysticfxfilters.com

We hope our FAQ page answered any/all of your questions. If there are any further questions please email Support@mysticfxfilters.com


Shot on Kaleidoscope Fx Filter

Kaleidoscope Special Fx Filter Example Photo
Kaleidoscope Special Fx Filter Example Photo

Shot on Split Diopter Fx Filter

Split Diopter Special Fx Filter Example Photo
Split Diopter Special Fx Filter Example Photo

Shot on Starlight Fx Filter

Starlight Special Fx Filter Example Photo

Shot on Confetti Fx Filter

Confetti Special Fx Filter Example Photo